Exchange 2024 Announces Theme, “Blueprint for Growth”

When Exchange first launched in 2022, it redefined what an advisor-focused conference could look like. Now, Exchange 2024 is just around the corner. The financial services industry prepares to unite at Miami Beach on February 11th-14th.

Today, we are thrilled to share the theme for this year’s Exchange: Blueprint for Growth.

“2024 is going to be a year of tremendous transformation: geopolitics and local politics; the balancing forces of deflationary tech like AI and the rebuilding of U.S. manufacturing and supply chains; the shifting role of the financial advisor, and an investment landscape unlike any we’ve seen in a lifetime,” said VettaFi Financial Futurist Dave Nadig. He continued, “At Exchange this year, we aim to give advisors a ‘Blueprint for Growth.’ We hope advisors leave Miami with a deeper sense of how their business can evolve to grow in a challenging market, and how they can continue to build client portfolios that last.”

What’s in a Theme?

Themes can help codify broad, complex ideas and give a north star to any event. Having the experts and industry thought leaders is always valuable, but a theme gives it actionable focus.

“Blueprint for Growth” was chosen by the Exchange Advisor Council. They weighed which ideas and avenues of exploration would be most compelling to financial advisors.

According to EAC member David Garff, “Having a blueprint means that I have a schematic or framework for something I want to accomplish. A conference that is a ‘Blueprint for growth’ means that can learn new ways of doing things to grow our business, to help me grow professionally, to nurture my relationships and grow personally.”

Garff and other members of the EAC hope advisors will come to Exchange. There, they will gain exposure to new ways to do things, meet new people, and nurture current relationships.