What You Might Have Missed at Tuesday’s Alternatives Symposium

On November 28, 2023, VettaFi hosted an Alternatives Symposium with an excellent turnout of nearly 750 advisors and investors registered for the event. The symposium benefited everyone involved as the event included some of the top firms and individuals in the industry offering their insights into several different alternative strategies for advisors to consider. Below, readers will find a summary of some of the key points shared by the experts at each of the sessions covered at the event. To view the playback of the Alternatives Symposium please register for the on-demand replay here.

Broad Commodities​

In the first panel of the symposium, moderator Tom Lydon, vice chairman of VettaFi, spoke with John Love, president & CEO of USCF Investments, and Ed Egilinsky, managing director and head of sales, distribution &and alternatives at Direxion. The trio of professionals discussed commodities at large, and what advisors can expect from a handful of commodities moving forward with the rise of several geopolitical risks. Love and Egilinksy also touch on some of the benefits advisors can get by having a broad commodity strategy in their portfolios.

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Investing in Crypto Currency Strategies

During the second panel of the symposium, Todd Rosenbluth, head of research at VettaFi, joined the event. He was joined by Dave LaValle, senior managing director and global head of ETFs at Grayscale, and Matt Hougan, chief investment officer at Bitwise Asset Management. Rosenbluth, LaValle, and Hougan discuss how futures-based ETFs and soon-to-market spot bitcoin ETFs can fit into advisors’ portfolios. In addition, both LaValle and Hougan share some of the benefits a potential spot bitcoin ETF can offer investors, and each panelist gives their outlook for cryptocurrency in 2024.

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Private Equity​

Bob Long, CEO of StepStone Private Wealth, and Avery Kiser, senior VP and alternatives client advisor at Neuberger Berman, joined the event to discuss their individual experiences and share their thoughts on the current state of the private equity industry. The pair of professionals gives advisors insights into the structure of current high-caliber private equity deals, and why they like the asset class overall. Additionally, Long and Kiser discuss unique investment vehicles that allow advisors and their clients to invest in private equity.


Danielle Gilbert, managing director for business development at Panagram Structured Asset Management, and Bill Sokol, director of ETF Product Management at VanEck, joined the symposium to discuss CLOs. Both Gilbert and Sokol share their own definition of what a CLO is and also mention that these products can offer higher yields than some Treasury securities that are currently on the market. The duo also dives into some of the risks that can be associated with investing in this strategy. To close the conversation, Gilbert and Sokol introduce the audience to each of their firm’s products that can give advisors and their clients exposure to CLOs.