Is Your Fixed Income Allocation Up to Par?

Not so long ago, many investors were clamoring for yield outside of the traditional 60/40 stock and bond split. After more than a year of an active rates market, it’s hard to say that’s true today. Fixed income has roared back to life. ETF asset managers of all kinds shared their thoughts on how best to approach the space during the ETF Exchange conference in Miami earlier this year.

Fixed Income in 2024

ETF asset managers can play a role in helping advisors figure out that landscape.

“We’re talking to advisors all over the country and North and South America, and the biggest concern they have is, how do they mitigate the risk of the markets?” WisdomTree Head of Distributions Joe Grogan told NYSE TV Floor Talk host Judy Shaw.

Perhaps the biggest factor looming over fixed income -- rate cuts -- continues to beguile investors. While investors and advisors wait for a decision from the Fed, which may be more distant now than in months following a hot inflation report this week, investors may want to consider the duration in their fixed income allocations.