Why Gold And Copper Are Making Big Moves

I had the opportunity this week to speak at the London AIM Summit, where presenters and attendees were cautiously optimistic about the economy.

My family and I also visited Oxford. I was surprised to see so many Chinese tourists in large groups, confirming a recent survey by Dragon Trail International that found that close to 27% of Chinese people listed Europe as a top travel destination. This is very good news for not just the travel industry but also the luxury industry, which has come to rely on wealthy shoppers from China.

Since the country lifted pandemic-era restrictions at the beginning of last year, outbound travel has been slow to improve, but a full rebound could be within sight. According to data analysis firm ForwardKeys, Chinese bookings between April 27 and May 5 for international departures were down just 7% compared to the same period in 2019. Trips to the U.K. beat out all other Western European destinations.

I expect to see load factors rise throughout the quarter as enthusiasm for outbound travel to Europe expands.

Central Banks Supporting The Gold Market

Geopolitical tensions have escalated, influencing global financial markets, and two commodities in particular have emerged as pivotal players: gold and copper. These metals are not merely survivors of market volatility but are thriving, charting a course that I believe savvy investors would be wise to monitor.

As I’ve said countless times before, gold has long been considered a store of value in turbulent times, and now is no exception. Prices are near all-time highs, reflecting its enduring appeal during periods of uncertainty.