Alternatives Symposium Can Help Investors Find Success

The Alternatives symposium happens on Thursday, May 30 at 11 a.m. ET. The free event offers CE credits and aims to arm investors and advisors with a healthy understanding of the alternatives space.

2022 was a wake-up call for investors. Equities and fixed income both fell short. Accordingly, investors who knew how to navigate alternatives had better success. VettaFi’s symposium will feature experts and thought leaders from across the industry.

Alternatives Symposium Covers Wide Set of Topics

Fittingly, the Alternatives symposium will discuss several unique strategies that can complement a traditional portfolio of equities and fixed income.

Gold and precious metals have grown popular, with spot gold hitting record highs recently. But will those prices be impacted by the Fed’s delay in rate cuts? Where do gold futures fit into all of this? Industrial metals beyond gold are also well-positioned to thrive as China’s economy recovers.

Covered call strategies have become an attractive alternative to equities. They allow investors to stay in the market, but can provide a ballast against downside volatility. Accordingly, VettaFi will host experts such as Eric Granat, CAIA, from Fidelity, Garrett Paolella from NEOS, Goldman Sachs Equity and Alternatives Portfolio specialist Tim Ramsey, CFA, and ProShares Global Investment Strategist Simeon Hyman, CFA.

“Covered call ETFs have been in focus the last 12 months but there’s still a lot for advisors to learn,” said VettaFi's Head of Research, Todd Rosenbluth. “I’m excited we get to talk to industry experts behind some of these funds.”