What Do Advisors Think About Ethereum?

Last week, the SEC approved the initial regulatory filings for spot ethereum ETFs to trade on various U.S.-based exchanges. While it could be weeks or months before the ETFs are available, this is a big deal for the industry. There are 10 pending crypto funds that could be soon purchased. We shall soon see if this is also big deal for advisors and end clients.

What Do Advisors Think About Crypto?

VettaFi hosted an April webcast with Invesco. It was titled, “Navigating the Landscape: A Comprehensive Update on Fixed Income, Equities and Alternative Investments.” This was not a webcast solely for crypto enthusiasts.

We polled the audience on a few topics. One question was, “Do you believe cryptocurrencies deserve all the attention they are getting right now?”

While 35% said no for multiple reasons, 29% said maybe and they were cautiously watching it all right now. Another 20% said it was good to learn about new asset classes but not sure about investing in them. Education about cryptocurrency investing via ETFs is still in the early stages and there’s room for further adoption.