Don’t overlook mid-cap stocks

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About the Episode

Mid-cap stocks have been pushed into the background as investors focus on rotation between large and small, and growth versus value. That might mean a missed opportunity. John Indellicate, CFA, Co-Portfolio Manager on Scout Investments’ Mid Cap Equity Team, and Tariq Siddiqi, CFA, Senior Research Analyst on Eagle Asset Management’s Growth Team, join Matt Orton, CFA, Director and Portfolio Specialist at Carillon Tower Advisers, to dig into the case for mid caps at this moment.

About our Guests

Tariq Siddiqi serves as a Senior Research Analyst, technology, for Eagle Asset Management. He is a tech generalist with 18 years of experience covering small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap technology companies globally.

John Indellicate is a co-portfolio manager of the Scout Mid Cap Equity Strategy. He joined the firm in 2004 as a senior qualitative analyst and has been a member of the Mid Cap team since the product’s inception in 2006.