How to Protect Against Inflation and Slow Growth

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About This Episode

Although the latest CPI data showed that inflation is slowing, it is still the number-one concern for clients. Investors are worried about the Fed’s reaction to interest rates, economic turbulence, and a potential recession. My guest today is here to discuss four topics:

  1. Why adding low volatility to a portfolio is a defensive mechanism;
  2. Where there is opportunity in dividend income, and what elements to prioritize;
  3. What high yield bonds offer as a less risky risk asset; and
  4. How to use real assets when seeking out inflation protection.

About Our Guest

Christopher Huemmer is senior investment strategist for FlexShares Exchange Traded Funds at Northern Trust Asset Management. He is responsible for equity strategy and provides equity-product development, investment strategy and ETF-related product expertise to the team. Christopher leverages the firm’s portfolio management and construction skill sets to identify and develop ETF investment strategies.

Show Notes

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