How to be Heroes in Your Client’s Eyes

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About This Episode

According to new research from Fidelity, just one in five advisors has an asset-weighted client age under 60. The average firm derives an overwhelming majority of its revenue from older clients, yet advisors have initiated contact with just 13% of their clients’ children. Meanwhile, despite women’s burgeoning share of the wealth pie, financial professionals are missing out on a $14 billion opportunity to serve them via segment-specific experiences, appropriately tailored enablement programs, and targeted products and services.

Here today to talk about how advisors can engage with and offer products that resonate with next-gen and female clients is Zach Conway.

About Our Guest

Zach Conway is the founder and CEO of Seeds Investor, a technology platform that empowers advisors to deliver a more intentional and personalized investing experience to clients by understanding investor values and automatically delivering custom portfolios that align.

Zach has been working as a financial advisor for nearly a decade and currently serves as a managing director at Conway Wealth, where he has helped grow the business by serving hundreds of clients and families over the years. When he’s not building new gen advice experiences, Zach spends his time with his wife and two young daughters.

Show Notes

Here are links to additional information about Seeds and Zach:

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