The Hidden Benefits of 529 Plans

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About This Episode

Saving for college and other educational needs is one of the most pressing financial planning concerns. Investors are looking to their financial advisors for guidance. In this episode, we’re going to look at the role 529 plans play and why they’re so important in improving client outcomes and in supporting practice management.

My guest, Leslie Geller, will be talking about the expanded set of educational expenses 529 assets can fund, details of Capital Group’s CollegeAmerica savings plan – one of the largest in the country with approximately $80 billion in assets under management, as well as how Secure 2.0 has lowered barriers to opening and funding a 529.

About Our Guest

Leslie Geller is a wealth strategist at Capital Group, the $2.3 Trillion asset manager well-known for its American Funds. A former tax attorney, Leslie uses her nearly two decades of experience advising clients on tax and estate planning matters to help advisors achieve better outcomes for the investors they serve. She also supports advisors with practice management.

Show Notes

Here is a link for more information about Capital Group and its 529 offerings:

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