How to Attract Tomorrow’s Clients

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About This Episode

The biggest recipients of the "great wealth transfer" aren't happy with their advisor. These investors – women and NextGen (GenX, millennial and Gen Z) prospects – seek a modern advisory relationship focused on a personal connection with an advisor who they can trust to understand their unique needs and help them achieve their financial and life goals.

According to McKinsey and Company’s research, an estimated $59 trillion will be passed down from baby boomers to their spouses and heirs in the next 40 years. By 2030, $30 trillion will be controlled by women.

With the great wealth transfer as the catalyst for change, advisors need to update their strategy and tactics to better connect with, retain and grow relationships with these clients who stand to inherit the bulk of the assets. Demographic shifts will drive the need for advisors to better understand how to connect with and support traditionally underrepresented groups.

About Our Guest

Lacy Garcia is the founder & CEO of Willow.

Willow is an award-winning wealthtech platform powering advisors’ acquisition, growth, and retention of tomorrow's investors: women, NextGen, and underrepresented groups. Through Willow's certification programs (CERTIFIED ADVISOR FOR WOMEN™ and CERTIFIED ADVISOR FOR NEXTGEN™) and client acquisition platform, advisors gain the credentials, knowledge, and marketing resources needed to better serve these modern clients, align their financial plan with their personal values, and acquire new clients. Lacy and Willow are frequently featured in the media, including: The TODAY Show, Think Advisor, Financial Planning, Business Insider,, Yahoo Finance!, and GoBankingRates.

Willow was founded in 2019 with the mission of helping advisors to better serve women and the next generation of investors. Thousands of women and NextGen clients have trusted Willow to help them take control of their financial lives. Certified advisors are showcased in the Willow Directory as qualified and trusted advisors. Willow matches Willow-certified advisors with vetted prospective clients and helps them acquire and grow trusted relationships with these clients.

Willow's NPS with investors/end clients is 84. Willow's NPS with financial advisors is 90.

Show Notes

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