China, Commodities, and Crisis: What's Next for Emerging Markets?

China’s growth fueled global markets for years, and recent events raise concerns about other emerging markets, heavily dependent on Chinese demand and already out of favor with investors. This month, we consider "China, Commodities, and Crisis: What’s Next for Emerging Markets?"

  • Last month’s sell-off blamed on China’s slowing appetite for raw materials and changing economic focus; emerging markets seen as particularly vulnerable.
  • Positive political and economic developments, as well as surging domestic consumption in emerging market countries should enable them to navigate downturns.
  • Although that commodity bust and China slowdown may continue to be unsettling, these are positive long-term adjustments for the global economy.

Be sure to watch the video where we make the case for a future re-emergence of emerging markets, and download the presentation for the key points in this month's piece.