The Future is Now- Forecasting the Next Five Years

The financial world is ever-changing in front of investors’ eyes every day. On top of that, new technologies seem to continue to be introduced at a rapid pace into the market. Earlier this year, we saw the AI craze take off and got a glimpse into some of its possible effects on this industry.

In addition to AI, different types of funds, banks, and digital currencies continue to further develop. As more and more new and innovative technologies, products, and philosophies continue to enter the market, it can leave many individuals wondering what the future of finance will bring, and what they could possibly expect from it.

In a special Q&A-style video between VettaFi’s CMO Jon Fee and VettaFi’s Financial Futurist Dave Nadig, the pair dive into answering the question of what the future of finance could resemble. The duo explores a plethora of different topics to try to forecast and answer this question providing insight into what investors and advisors can anticipate from this industry moving forward. Nadig and Fee cover subjects like market capitalism, the future of ETFs, alternative income, and more.

The Future of Finance

0:00 Investors’ Interest in the Future of Finance.

0:30 Nadig’s Take on Where the Finance Industry Is Headed.

1:00 The Possible Rise of Market Capitalism.

1:30 What Types of Conversations Do Financial Advisors Need to Be Having?

2:15 The Future Is Now.

2:50 What Is the Future for ETFs?

3:25 Alternative Income Is Becoming the New Value.

4:00 What Is Going to Be Successful in the Market?

4:40 A Possible Rise in Purchasing Single-Ticker Products.

5:00 Packaged Trade Products Taking Off for Particular Segments.

5:20 Closing Thoughts.

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