10 Questions on CEFX

On this episode of “What Makes That Ticker Tick,” VettaFi CMO Jon Fee brought on Roxanna Islam, the Associate Director of Research at VettaFi, to discuss the SNET Composite Closed-End Fund Index (CEFX).

Fee and Islam discussed several unique traits that the index has to give investors a better understanding of what makes this ticker tick. The duo talked about the index’s objectives and characteristics that separate CEFX from other products currently on the market. Islam also discussed some of the factors that companies that are often included in the index possess. She also shared the index’s rebalancing strategy and gave insight into how often the index rebalances.

The episode touched on how CEFX has performed year to date and Islam shared her thoughts on the specific market environments the index performs its best. In addition, the pair shared some of the lesser-known companies found in the index.

SNET Composite Closed-End Fund Index (CEFX)

0:00 Introduction to the episode and the index that is being covered

0:40 Welcoming Islam to the show and sharing more details on how the show works

1:10 What is the objective of the CEFX index?

2:10 What separates this index from other products in the marketplace today?

3:15 Discussion on the index’s construction

3:55 The key factors used to select companies for inclusion in the index

5:05 The index’s rebalancing strategy

6:05 How has the index performed YTD? What environments does it perform well in?

7:25 Discussion on some of the index’s current constituents

8:25 Who are some of the lesser-known constituents within this index?

9:15 Final thoughts

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