How to Make The Most Of Exchange 2024

The Exchange conference put on by VettaFi has become one of the top events in the financial services industry for financial advisors. The goal of the Exchange conference is to contribute to advisors being able to grow their portfolios, practices, and the advisor community overall. To accomplish these goals the 2024 event will feature top individuals in their respective industries like Jeffrey Gundlach, Richard Haass, David Kelly, and Amy Walter.

As 2023 comes to a close, and the Exchange 2024 conference continues to inch closer and closer advisors may be wondering how they can make the most out of an event like this.

This is why in a recent special edition video, VettaFi’s Jon Fee and Dave Nadig sat down with one another to answer that question. Specifically, answering what they think advisors should do to make the most out of Exchange 2024. The duo explores a plethora of different topics to try to answer this question. The pair also provides insight into what investors and advisors can anticipate from the event.

Nadig and Fee start the video by discussing what excites them most about this upcoming conference in February 2024. As the video moves along they also highlight more speakers and firms who will participate in the event. To close the video, both professionals use their own conference experience to give tips to advisors for unique ways to get the most from their conference experience.

Exchange 2024

0:00 Introduction to Exchange 2024

0:40 What is Nadig most excited about?

1:15 VettaFi Created an Agenda That Addresses Two Different Buckets

2:00 The Agenda Hones in on “Human Centered Advice”

2:50 How Is the Conference Going To Be Different in 2024 Versus 2023?

3:25 How Does Nadig Get Ready for a Conference?

4:00 Looking at the “Who” of the Conference

4:40 Why Fee Believes the “Who” of a Conference Is Important

5:15 Closing Thoughts on the Conference Agenda and Excitement Surrounding Exchange 2024

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