What Makes That Ticker Tick: Jane Edmondson and NDIVITR

Earlier this year, VettaFi reported that the firm acquired EQM Indexes to include it as a part of its indexing capabilities. However, some investors and advisors may not be fully aware of some of the key features and characteristics that separate EQM’s indexes from what else is out there on the market.

To provide some insight into one of EQM’s indexes on a recent episode of “What Makes That Ticker Tick,” VettaFi CMO Jon Fee caught up with Jane Edmondson, co-founder and CEO of EQM Indexes and the head of thematic strategy at VettaFi, to discuss the EQM Natural Resources Dividend Income Index (NDIVITR).

Fee and Edmondson explored several different topics to give advisors and investors more insight into the ins and outs of this particular index. The duo discussed characteristics that separate this product from others, the index’s objectives, and the index’s rebalancing strategy. Fee also asks Edmondson if the current market environment is revealing an early-stage commodities super-cycle. Edmondson also shares several different energy materials stocks that she feels are cash-flow monsters. In addition, she discusses several lesser-known companies that she feels are exciting that can be found within this index’s holdings.


0:00 Fee introduces the show and the NDIVITR index.

0:30 Welcoming Edmondson to the show and sharing topics being covered.

1:00 What is the objective behind this index?

1:15 Why does Edmondson consider NDIVITR an “income thematic” index?

2:00 Going into the income aspects of the index’s approach.

2:30 How are these companies paying cash to shareholders?

3:30 A new trend Edmonson is seeing this year is some M&A.

4:15 Is this index a unique product in the marketplace?

5:00 What is the starting universe for NDIVITR?

5:50 Fee and Edmondson discuss what companies the index’s rules get applied to.

6:15 Edmondson shares the index’s rebalancing strategy.

7:00 How has the index performed year to date and since its inception?

7:45 What particular market environments affect this index?

8:45 Discussion of some of the index’s current constituents.

9:30 Edmondson shares some of the “lesser-known” companies held within the index.

10:30 Closing thoughts, and gratitude for Edmondson.

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