Spot Bitcoin, Alts, and Active: An Innovator’s Perspective

In a recent video-styled interview, VettaFi’s Financial Futurist Dave Nadig sat down with Som Seif, the founder & CEO of Purpose Investments, to give investors and advisors more insight into what is going on in Canada. In addition, the pair discussed a multitude of different topics, including Bitcoin, to help give investors a better understanding of the Canadian market overall.

Nadig and Seif explore what it was like for Seif and his firm to launch the first Bitcoin product in Canada. Additionally, the duo uses this experience to explain what it might mean for the U.S. and its race to get the first spot Bitcoin product to market. The pair explored how private equity and alternatives can fit into an average investor’s portfolio. Nadig and Seif also share that there is a possible bridge between private equity and the public equity markets. Furthermore, Seif shares his thoughts on the current active versus passive debate. Seif also discusses the importance of giving everything inside a portfolio a purpose. To close the video, Seif shares what he is passionate about, and what is driving him daily.

Spot Bitcoin, Alts and Active – An Innovators Perspective

0:00 Introduction to the show, and topics being discussed

1:00 Nadig shares why Canada has been a disruptor.

1:30 What does Canada’s innovation path look like?

2:00 The Cash Strategies that Canada has built

2:30 A discussion on how Canada has continued to problem solve

3:00 What was the problem with Bitcoin?

3:30 What did Canada solve for?

4:15 How do you navigate to be effectively innovative?

4:45 The importance of having a duty of care

5:15 Seif shares how to continue to improve the product after it launches

5:30 Seif’s thoughts on active money managers

6:30 Seif’s thoughts on the U.S. race to the first Spot Bitcoin ETF

7:00 The problem that the regulators have failed to see

7:30 The creation of a backlog of innovation

8:00 What happened when Seif’s firm first released its Bitcoin product?

8:30 A deeper discussion on Bitcoin’s current run

9:00 The short-term impact of Bitcoin’s current growth

9:30 The impact of having 14 or 15 firms talking about why Crypto is relevant

10:00 Seif’s thoughts on the two components of Crypto

10:30 The foundations of why this asset class is real and not going away

11:00 When the Bitcoin product first became available did institutional managers jump in immediately?

11:45 Why do investors start to use these products?

12:30 The resurgence of active management in 2023

13:00 Seif’s take on active versus passive

13:30 Low-fee products are capturing market share

14:00 Why some investors need active guidance

14:30 What investors are not seeing in active management

15:00 What Seif thinks is going to be difficult

15:40 A possible bridge between private equity and the public equity market.

16:40 A commoditization in the space

17:00 Is this a place retail investors should be?

17:30 Dealing with the complexity of products

18:00 Everything inside a portfolio should have a purpose.

18:30 Asking a really important principal question

19:00 Advisors can help investors understand where they can take liquidity risk, and where they can’t.

19:30 Where will the development be?

20:00 Evergreen structures can work

20:30 How the industry can improve to be more meaningful

21:00 How private investing and public equity have become more common

21:30 Did investors break something in the public markets?

22:00 There are good opportunities in the public space when it fits the environment.

22:30 Balancing short-term investments with long-term investments

23:00 Amazon trained its shareholders.

23:30 There is a real value to the public markets.

24:00 Will there be a swing to more private investments?

25:00 What is Seif passionate about?

25:30 Seif is focused on giving back in his personal life, and with his business.

26:00 Seif wants to lead from the front and assumes copycats will come.

26:25 Closing thoughts

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