Wrapping Up 2023 and What’s Next at Exchange

As there are now less than three weeks left in 2023 it is that time of year to ponder and reflect on all that has enamored the financial markets and the ETF world this year. This is why in a recent special edition video, VettaFi’s financial futurist, Dave Nadig, and VettaFi’s Head of Research Todd Rosenbluth sat down with one another to discuss some of the highlights from the year.

The pair discussed how ETFs in general, in 2023 have continuously seen a large amount of money flow into them. Nadig and Rosenbluth also share that these flows have gone into several different styles and types of ETFs. Rosenbluth specifically highlights active ETFs as a style that has seen a significant amount of flows, and engagement from investors when compared to other styles on the market. He then lists firms that have all released active products this year including BlackRock, PIMCO, Fidelity, JP Morgan, and more.

In addition, as the conversation began to shift to expectations for 2024 the duo discussed the Exchange Conference. This conference is an event that is put on by VettaFi every February and has become one of the top events in the financial services industry. The conference’s overall goal is to help advisors grow their practices and portfolios.

Nadig and Rosenbluth then share some of the topics and subjects that will be discussed by several of the high-level speakers at the conference in February of 2024. To close their conversation, the duo also explored what stories they think will be at the forefront of investors’ minds in the ETF industry in the new year.

Wrapping Up 2023 and What’s Next at Exchange

0:00 Introduction to the show.

0:10 What’s the biggest story of 2023?

0:45 Is active management going to continue to grow in 2024?

1:15 Rosenbluth’s thoughts on the future of active management.

1:45 What key story will be discussed at the Exchange Conference?

2:00 What will the story in the world of ETFs be for 2024?

2:15 Closing thoughts.

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