Road to Exchange: Marguerita Cheng

As February 11 continues to inch closer, and closer advisors and financial services providers may be wondering what type of individuals in the industry will be attending the highly anticipated Exchange Conference. To help provide some more insight into this, VettaFi’s CMO, Jon Fee, recently sat down with Marguerita Cheng, the CEO, and Founder of Blue Ocean Global Wealth to discuss why she is on the “Road to Exchange.”

The pair discussed a plethora of different topics to answer this question and provide more insight into the conference itself. Cheng began the conversation by sharing why she started Blue Ocean Global Wealth, and how her prior professional experience inspired her to start it. She also shared how she tailors financial content for the different generations in the world today. Cheng named personalization as a tool she uses to effectively convey financial advice to those generations. The duo then closed their conversation by talking about their expectations for the Exchange Conference, and more.

Road to Exchange: Marguerita Cheng

0:00 Introduction to Marguerita Cheng, the CEO, and Founder of Blue Ocean Global Wealth

1:00 How Fee thinks about Exchange

1:30 Why Cheng started Blue Ocean Global Wealth

2:00 Cheng shares why she believes everyone deserves competent ethical advice.

2:30 What in Cheng’s previous role led her to start Blue Ocean Global Wealth?

3:00 Fee’s explanation of the different generations that need advice

3:30 How does Cheng tailor financial advice for different generations?

4:00 Fee’s thoughts on content segments

4:30 The tools Cheng uses to scale her practice

5:00 How Cheng personalizes the information she gives to clients

5:30 Why Fee loves that Cheng is tilting her content towards personalization

6:00 Fee shares why he believes you can scale personalization

6:30 What does Cheng get out of going to conferences?

7:00 Fee on the personal networking advisors can do at the Exchange Conference

7:30 The kind of content that Cheng is interested in at conferences

8:00 How the Exchange advisory council helps to guide content for the conference

8:30 Cheng’s final thoughts on what she would like to get out of the Exchange Conference

9:00 Closing remarks on Exchange from Fee

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