Check Out VettaFi’s Upcoming Alternatives Symposium

On Thursday, May 30, VettaFi will host its 2024 Alternatives Symposium. Adding alternative strategies to an investor’s portfolio can provide diversified exposure and potential for returns. VettaFi’s event will highlight the wide variety of alternative solutions that are now available for advisors. The speakers will provide guidance on how to navigate alternative strategies amid different market conditions and elaborate on the potential benefits and risks of opting for alternatives.

Todd Rosenbluth: Hi, I’m Todd Rosenbluth, and I’m excited for May 30, because we’re going to talk about all things alternative. We’re going to talk about covered calls, commodities, even long/short strategies. So, I hope you’ll sign up and register today. You’ll get some CE credits as well, advisors. I’ll see you then!

Register here.

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