How to avoid Screwing Up your website

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

12:30 PM EST | 9:30 AM PST

45 minutes

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As a financial advisor, your website is an important part of your brand message. Are you screwing it up?

Join Sara Grillo and Dan Solin for this 30-minute free webinar about how to do it right, from the message to the content and media.

  • What the empirical evidence says attracts people to advisors and what they are looking for vs. what advisors believe clients are looking for
  • Why it is so hard to come across as competent and warm, friendly, and relatable at the same time
  • What all this means for advisors websites – what the true goal of a website should be
  • How to visually organize your website – graphics, photos, and imagery
  • The false perception that advisors have that they have to project perfection and be all-knowing.
  • What your website should say and what its message should be
  • How to create relatable content for your website
  • Why people are not interested in other people; they care about themselves.
  • How to get people to say “tell me more about that” when they visit your website.
  • How to get your content to stay with people after they leave your site.
  • How to create videos for your website that will engage the reader and come across as authentic
  • The value of humor and how to use it on your website.

Dan and Sara will answer attendees’ questions during the webinar and will be available to continue the discussion on  APViewpoint.


Sara Grillo, CFA Headshot

Sara Grillo, CFA

Sara Grillo, CFA, is a top financial writer with a focus on marketing and branding for investment management, financial planning, and RIA firms. Prior to launching her own firm, she was a financial advisor and worked at Lehman Brothers. Sara graduated from Harvard with a degree in English literature and has an MBA from NYU Stern in Quantitative Finance.

Dan Solin Headshot

Dan Solin

Dan Solin is the bestselling author of the Smartest series of investing books, which have been enthusiastically endorsed by The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and Vanguard founder John Bogle, among others. Kiplinger’s listed The Smartest Investment Book You’ll Ever Read on its top ten list of the best financial books ever written; two of the Smartest series have achieved best-seller status on The New York Times Review of Books. Dan also writes financial blogs for The Huffington Post and