Fixed Income Outlook - Playing Offense

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

4:00 PM EDT | 1:00 PM PDT

50 minutes

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In such an unprecedented year, what challenges and opportunities does the fixed-income market present and how can advisors position portfolios for income and risk-adjusted returns going forward? This session discusses:
• Why a V-Shaped recovery is unrealistic.

• A look at how markets have recovered, but spreads are still wider than pre-crisis levels.

• Why credit performance is likely to deteriorate, but Fed support may signal opportunity.

• How to invest in this environment.

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Chris Cosantino Headshot

Chris Cosantino
Director, Head of Independent Broker/Dealer and RIA Channels
Guggenheim Investments

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William Costigan
Managing Director, Client Portfolio Manager
Guggenheim Investments