Five Linked-In Steps That Will Double Your Business

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You are working hard to bring in new business. But the rejection is intense. Cold calls have a 4% closing rate in booking appointments, not on dials, but those to whom you speak. Mailings have a 0.5% success rate in getting respondents to call you. Maybe you will be lucky enough to catch them in the middle of a retirement decision. Building your business is hard work – unless you know a few secrets.

We know affluent financial planning/retirement clients are hard to find. They don’t respond to cold calls, dinner seminars or mailings. We also know they are unlikely to refer to you. Why? Because you didn’t do a good enough job?

No, because you don’t keep in frequent enough contact.

Clients want an ongoing relationship. They want to talk to you every three months. They didn’t sign up to be a transaction.

If you keep in contact every three months, you will position yourself to manage their assets – both protection and investment. You will have no competition. And if you are really good, you will get referrals. Referrals are 35% more likely to do business with you, unlikely to make you compete for their business and will earn 25% more revenue per loan than any other marketing method. But you probably have asked for referrals without result. It has been frustrating, hasn’t it?

Now we have Linked-In

Across Linked-In, 51% of users are affluent (a far higher percentage than for Facebook). They also average 930 connections. Linked-In has 53% more engagement efficacy than any other social media channel. The best part is you can view all of the contacts for every Linked-In relationship you have. But unfortunately, many of the connection requests you get are those just clicking without knowing who you are.