How to Double Your Seminar Appointments

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Do you use seminars to get new prospects? Are you booking less than 85% of attendees into appointments? If so, then please read on.

If you’re like most advisors, you are lucky to get 20% to 25% of household units at seminars willing to book an appointment. But here’s the real problem. By the time you follow up three to five days later, the attendee has lost all interest. Worse yet, they often can’t remember even attending the seminar.

It is difficult to get anyone to come to a seminar, even with a free dinner. The problem is that 25% are totally unqualified, 50% only came to get the free meal, leaving you 25% who have a real interest in solving a financial problem. Worse yet, attendees will forget 70% of what they hear one day after the seminar, 90% after three days and lose any emotional motivation to keep an appointment they might have booked at the meeting.

If you offer dinner, you will pay $683 per booked appointment. If you hold a seminar at a library, even without supplying dinner, the cost will be near $200 including the venue and marketing expense. Even if you do a client event and are smart enough to incentivize them to bring guests, the cost per appointment could be $300-$400.

Here’s how to maximize the attendee response and gain appointments from any seminar.