How to Get Prospects to Understand More and Make Decisions Faster

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Has a prospect or client ever said, “Let me think about it,” and then gone radio silent?

My coaching client Andrew worked with a new prospect for a few weeks. After presenting a financial plan, the prospect wouldn’t answer phone calls or emails. One theory was that the prospect decided not to implement Andrew’s ideas and didn’t answer his calls. A better theory was that the prospect forgot the proposal and lost the sense of urgency, causing procrastination.

There is a better way to get your prospects and clients to implement your suggestions and stop stalling. The answer is The Focal Screen. In an earlier article, I wrote about preventing clients from stalling by using the Up Front Close. (Contact me if you would like a video on how this works.)

Memory is porous. We forget 70% of what we see and hear within one day and 90% in three days. Those over 55 remember even less. That is a major reason why clients don’t respond immediately to your calls and emails. They remember only broad outlines of what you said. But people buy based on emotion, not product benefits. Even emails don’t convey the emotion necessary to cause prospects to act.

The answer lies in The Focal Screen.