Two Things You Can Do that Other Advisors Don’t

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My last article for Advisor Perspectives focused on three ways to make yourself more interesting. As a coach for financial advisors, I see more independent advisors looking for ways to be different. This is a great trend for the industry. There needs to be more intention put into making yourself stand out.

Doing what others don’t do positions you as someone special. It gives you an edge. If done well, it will distance you from your competition. You’ll stand out in a positive way, making yourself more attractive and even magnetic.

Let’s take a look at two things you can start doing today.

Use your influence to offer support

As you know from your experience, your ability to develop strong relationships dramatically impacts your success. There’s no better way to deepen a relationship than to come to someone’s side when they need you. One way of doing that is to write a letter of support, leveraging your influence, in order to help an individual or a group. This is not a testimonial letter. When you use your influence and professional status to help someone with integrity and authenticity, your efforts will be noticed.