The Five Elements that Separate Great Speakers from Boring Drones

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How are your speaking skills?

Can you command an audience? Are seminars and webinars part of your marketing plan? Are you booking at least 65% of the qualified seminar/webinar attendees into appointments?

In my 40 years in business psychology and as a business coach, I’ve rarely seen a financial advisor make more than $1 million a year without great speaking skills. Many advisors have good interpersonal skills.

But rarely do can they rivet and motivate an audience.

Many years ago, after speaking to 1,000 brokers in Las Vegas, the presenter’s topic following me was how to speak in front of groups. He jokingly said the number one fear among Americans is speaking in front of a group. The number two fear is dying.

Number three is dying while speaking in front of a group.

It’s no wonder that so few are willing to subject themselves to the risk of rejection from an audience. In fact, 25% of stage performers suffer anxiety disorder to the level of panic. But if you are willing to take the chance of presenting to large groups who could build your business, here are a few skills you need to possess.

The three traits of great speakers

1. Great speakers have great content

Many speakers present platitudes and concepts. But the best speakers give audiences ideas and tips they can use immediately.

2. Great speakers get audiences to participate

Most speakers stand in front of an audience and lecture. But the best presenters get engagement. The attendees are encouraged to raise their hands to answer questions, interact with other audience members, and even participate with a speaker on stage.

3. Great speakers are entertaining