Two Tactics That Will Build Your Business

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A stall – having a client tell you they need to “think about it” – is your worst nightmare when trying to close business. Here are two ways to avoid that catastrophe.

The Brueckner close

Tom Brueckner, a past coaching client, was ahead of his time. His office was well thought out. The walls were glass, giving the space an open, airy flow. His video monitors were tuned to a business news channel that reflected the demographics of his clients. Even his waiting room was well planned. Clients were escorted within minutes to a glass office and asked promptly if they wanted coffee, tea, water or a soft drink. Clients were left to notice decorations like plants, wall pictures of his family, and military photos of his son.

All of this was done on purpose.

When Tom greeted the client or prospect, they invariably asked, “Who waters all these plants?” and “What does your son do in the military?” This was a natural way to develop rapport with new prospects as well as clients who did not visit the office often.

But the magic of this atmosphere was how Tom used his space to avoid any stall.

You are at the end of a meeting and the prospect or client says, “Let us think about it!” Nothing good happens after this comment. They will forget 70% of what was said after one day and 90% after three days. By the time you get them on the phone, they will have forgotten most of what was suggested and lost interest.