The 10 Best Non-Fiction Books of This Year

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“Read an hour every day in your chosen field. This works out to about one book per week, 50 books per year, and will guarantee your success.” Brian Tracy, personal development guru

It’s September again, time to go back to school. My learning goal each year is to read at least 50 non-fiction books – in my mind the “school of success” never goes out of session. This is where I get the ideas to help my financial advisor clients grow their practices. Rather than overwhelming you with all 50+ books, here are the 10 best books I read from September 2022 through August 2023.

Business success

Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More Than They Expect. Successful restaurateur Will Guidara figured out that people just don't want a meal – they want a memorable experience. You can apply this to your business – what extra touches can you do for your staff and clients that will be unforgettable? (This was the best business book I read this past year.)

Untapped Talent: How Second Chance Hiring Works for Your Business and The Community. There is a labor shortage in the U.S. Author Jeffrey Korzenik makes a compelling case for how certain people with criminal records can fill the gap.

Why Motivating People Doesn't Work ... And What Does. My job as a coach is to help people discover their own motivation. This book lets leaders know how to achieve this on an organizational level by promoting choice, connection and competence.