Playing Catch-Up: Takeaways from the June FOMC Meeting

The Federal Open Market Committee’s announcement of a 75-basis-point (bp) rate hike on June 15 revealed a shift in the Fed’s thinking. Fed communication through May and much of June had largely signaled it would hike rates by 50 bps at its June meeting. Why the change? In my view, the Fed realized that it is "behind the curve” and is trying to catch up to inflation.

Up, up and away

A series of reports in the days leading up to the FOMC meeting revealed that economic indicators were still heating up. Crucially, I believe a severe CPI gain and consumer surveys that reported rising consumer expectations of inflation persuaded the Fed to shift gears and take a more aggressive approach to inflation control.

Clues about the Fed’s thinking

The Summary of Economic Projections and the “dot plot” offered additional insight into the Fed’s thinking.

GDP growth: The FOMC slashed its median projection for 2022 and 2023 GDP growth (Q4/Q4 basis) to 1.7%, slightly lower than its long-term growth projection of 1.8%. This trajectory signals the FOMC’s expectations of a “soft landing.” Consistent with the soft landing outlook, the FOMC projected rising unemployment rates through 2024. Sorry to say, we believe the FOMC is likely to need to cut its growth projections again.