Muddling Through Stagflation

Cheeseburgers and the Fed

Cleveland and British Columbia

This week I am at the Cleveland Clinic going through numerous tests. Some have not been good news. It seems lifestyle changes are needed so I can keep writing and working for many more years.

I am ecstatic to bring you David Bahnsen as a special guest writer. He is on TV somewhere nearly every day (all the networks love him) and the host of National Review’s “Capital Record” podcast. My relationship with the Bahnsen family goes back 40+ years, as I published his father’s theological commentaries (Greg Bahnsen) in the ‘80s. Greg unfortunately left us early and David had to put himself through USC, start from the bottom, and now runs almost $4 billion dollars as an investment advisor. We have similar views on money management and today he’ll give you a powerful lesson on growing assets in volatile times.