Evolution & Revolution: Five Technology Megatrends Impacting Society

Technology megatrends transform society, and there is a hugely significant fourth wave on the horizon. Read more from Sandy Kaul, Head of Digital Assets and Industry Advisory Services:


I am in the process of completing a three-part series of papers about technology megatrends impacting society and what to expect with the Web3 revolution. This article recaps the innovation cycles that gave rise to these megatrends featured in my first paper—“Evolution of commercial technologies and impact on business delivery.” It also offers a preview of the five megatrends that I will discuss in more detail in my second paper coming out in the first quarter of 2023.

Tech-driven innovation cycles create new business approaches

Since the 1960s, commercial enterprises have benefited from a rapid evolution in the technologies available to them—adapting many innovations originally designed for the military and previously deployed only to large universities. As these new commercial technologies have emerged, they alter what is possible for businesses and their customers. The push to adopt new capabilities requires enterprises to rebuild their delivery infrastructure. This cycle of new technology changing business abilities, and thus prompting upgrades to an organization’s platform, has now happened three times since the 1960s, and we are on the verge of a fourth innovation cycle.