Opportunity in Investment-Grade Credit

Investment-grade credit is currently offering impressive yields, with relatively less risk than other fixed income sectors, according to Josh Lohmeier of Franklin Templeton Fixed Income. He makes a case for investing in the space today.


Workplace Retirement Voice: Why Wealth Advisors Should Embrace Workplace Retirement Plans

For many wealth advisors, workplace retirement plans are either a burden or an afterthought, according to John Kutz, National Retirement Plan Strategist at Franklin Templeton. He and his team explore why embracing these plans can benefit their practice, and their clients.


Where to Add Risk in Multi-Asset Portfolios Right Now

While some stocks may seem expensive, there are areas of opportunity that feature attractive valuations and growth catalysts, according to the Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions team.


Weathering the Storm: Exploring Climate Change Adaptation and the Investor’s Imperative

The Franklin Templeton Fixed Income team believe that issuers that think critically about the environment in which they operate could outperform throughout the full market cycle compared with those who are slower to adapt.


A Pioneering Income Strategy Celebrates 75 Years

Celebrating an exciting milestone: Franklin Income Fund turns 75. Learn more about this flagship strategy and read some fun facts from back in 1948.


Copilot, Not Autopilot: How Generative AI Augments, but Doesn’t Replace Active Management

AI, with its data analysis and predictive power, can revolutionize investing. However, humans remain a crucial part of the process. Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions provides use cases into how different investors can harness AI to achieve their desired outcomes and workflows.


Anatomy of a Recession Update: What Is a Recession, Exactly?

Hear from Jeff Schulze, Head of Economic and Market Strategy at ClearBridge Investments, about the state of the US economy. Get his perspective on the Federal Reserve’s next potential moves.


Alternative Allocations: The State of the Alternative Investments Industry

In this first episode, Franklin Templeton Institute’s Tony Davidow discusses the democratization of alternative investments and related topics with CAIA’s John Bowman.


Investment Ideas—Building Portfolios During Economic Uncertainty

Tony Davidow, Senior Alternatives Investment Strategist, at Franklin Templeton Institute, shares some takeaways from a panel discussion on the topic.


Time to Snag UK Equities From the Brexit Bargain Bin?

Dina Ting, Franklin Templeton ETFs’ Head of Global Index Portfolio Management, explores the positive trends that are making a case for holding UK equities.


Dimensions & Insights: Blockchain and Fintech Expand With Diversity and Inclusion

Chief Diversity Officer Regina Curry and Franklin Templeton Head of Digital Assets Roger Bayston believe creating workplaces with intentional collaborative, inclusive, and debiasing practices can power great development environments.


Quiet Shifts in Corporate Debt May Explain This Year’s Big Economic Surprise

The resilience of US growth, earnings and markets has been the big surprise of 2023. Stephen Dover, Head of Franklin Templeton Institute, opines on the factors at play—and whether they will last.

White Paper

Franklin Templeton Institute: Q3 Investment Ideas

In this quarter’s issue of Investment Ideas, our investment managers review opportunities and risks from a US perspective.

  • Overall trend: invest cash reserves in fixed income and more.
  • In fixed income, investment-grade credit looks attractive to us given characteristics of anticipated total return, income and risk.
  • Within equities, concentrated results today lead to opportunities across the equity universe tomorrow.
  • In alternative investments, prevailing conditions are shifting from challenging to encouraging for private investors.

Jackson Hole—Limited Visibility, Bumpy Landing

In the wake of the Federal Reserve’s annual gathering in Jackson Hole, Stephen Dover, Head of Franklin Templeton Institute, conveys one clear message: interest rates aren’t coming down anytime soon.


On My Mind: The Structural Shift That Wasn’t

Markets seem to be coming around to our Franklin Templeton Fixed Income CIO Sonal Desai’s view that the Fed will have to keep interest rates higher for longer, but now runaway fiscal deficits pose further upside risk to yields in the long term, she warns.