Using Silicon Valley's "Open Secret" to Buy a World-Class Tech Stock

You know the group...

Meta (formerly Facebook), Amazon, Netflix, and Google—or FANG, for short. They’re four of the most well-known companies on the planet.

Ever since the FANG acronym caught on in 2013, these stocks have taken a wild ride higher. And the nearly 10-year upswing makes sense: They were hypergrowth companies.

Each stock managed to grow revenue at a remarkable clip:

  • Amazon’s revenue is up 531% since 2013.

  • Netflix’s revenue is up 579% since 2013.

  • Meta’s revenue is up 1,398% since 2013.

  • And Google’s revenue is up 364% since 2013.

It’s been an incredible run, but as I’ll show you, complacency has hurt their year-to-date returns. Here’s why this matters…

There’s a big “open secret” in Silicon Valley that’s spreading, one that has already reached three-fourths of FANG. But the market has yet to recognize its impact on one remaining company.

I believe we can tap into this opportunity before it’s priced into the stock… but we need to act fast.