There’s Only One Way to Beat the Market

Wall Street is a strange place.

In 2017, the top Wall Street banks published over 40,000 pieces of research… every week. Yet investors read less than 1% of that, according to Quinlan & Associates.

Less than 1%!

This little quirk is part of a bigger transformation on Wall Street—one that has huge implications for you as an investor.

See, the way Wall Street makes money has fundamentally shifted in recent years. So has the way information flows to individual investors. And today, I want to show you how savvy stock pickers can profit from these shifts.

  • Wall Street used to make a lot of its money from trading…

A broker would call you up, pitch a “hot stock,” and hope to win your business. If you made a trade, he got a commission. Probably 3% or so on the purchase.

Those hot stocks often came from the bank’s army of analysts. They would pore over financial statements, talk to management teams, and hunt for the best ideas. Then they’d feed their ideas to brokers, who pitched them to investors.