Meet the Manager: Sandy Kaul

Franklin Templeton’s Head of Digital Asset & Investor Advisory Services Sandy Kaul has a wealth of experience in the financial industry and a vision for the future in the digital asset space. She finds the trend toward democratizing new investment frontiers exciting. Learn more about Sandy in this Q&A.

Meet the Manager Sandy Kaul

Q: How did you come to work in the asset management industry?

A: I started out as a wire service reporter at Commodity News Service, which Knight-Ridder Financial News subsequently purchased. I wrote outlook columns on the commodity markets. After writing these articles for several months, I started telling my sources that I thought their interpretation of the markets was wrong and that they were not thinking through the implications of their arguments. They told me I was too opinionated to be a reporter and one of them got me an interview to become a commodity markets analyst. I got the job—and the rest is history.

Q: Where did you work prior to Franklin Templeton?

A: I started at Citi in 1985 as a futures research analyst covering the soft commodities markets with its predecessor firm, Shearson Lehman Brothers. Then I joined Commodities Corporation/Goldman Sachs Asset Management in 1995 as a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and portfolio manager. After managing money for nearly six years, I shifted my attention to consulting and led the strategy practice within the financial services division of capital markets niche management consulting firm Scient.

I rejoined Citi in 2009, where I served as managing director and global head of business advisory services (BAS). I launched and built the company’s BAS practice, which is a market-leading provider of industry thought leadership spanning Citi’s markets and global wealth organizations. BAS addresses industry trends, including the integration of active and passive investing techniques, the emergence of beta strategies and solutions, the use of factor analysis, the rise of environmental, social and governance, the importance of people alpha, and the embrace of digital assets and tokenization.

Q: You joined Franklin Templeton last year; what attracted you to the firm?

A: Based on the industry research I’ve done over the past several years, I believe there’s only going to be a handful of large asset management firms that exist in the future. I believe Franklin Templeton is going to be one of them. I was attracted by Jenny’s leadership and vision for the firm. I was also excited by Franklin Templeton’s leadership position in the digital assets space, as well as in digital wealth tools and fintech. I don’t think it was widely recognized when I joined the firm a year ago, but that is changing very quickly!