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I am now in my 24th year of writing Thoughts from the Frontline. I started in early 2000 with 2,000 readers from a previous newsletter project and had no idea it would become as popular as it has. I want to thank all of my longtime readers and welcome the new ones! You are what keeps me writing and energetic!

Today, I am going to do something that I've never done. I am going to start a two-part series describing what is in my personal portfolio and why. Let me start by offering two caveats: This letter is in the “do as I say and not as I do” category.

First, my personal portfolio is not appropriate for 99.9% of investors. I would never let a client portfolio look like mine, as at times I take more risk than is likely appropriate for you (and maybe me!). As they say, don’t try this at home.

Second, this is not a Mauldin Economics portfolio. It is mine. Each of our editors has their own style. I would go nuts trying to invest like Jared Dillian or the others on the team. This shows the importance of choosing an investment advisor, because you also get their biases and preferences. Know what those biases are and if they align with yours!

That being said, let's dive in!