Liminal Space

Delayed Landing
Danger Zone
Trained to Spend
Cape Town, Salmon Fishing, and Somewhere in the Caribbean

I’m entering my annual post-SIC decompression period. I say that only half-jokingly. The last two weeks were my version of a dive deep into the sea, where you see shocking things and endure crushing pressure. The weeks of preparation are fun, but the sheer volume of information creates its own kind of pressure. You don’t just shift back into normal life after that. Like diving into deep water, you have to come up and adjust slowly.

I must also say this 20th anniversary Strategic Investment Conference truly was the best yet, thanks to an amazing faculty and—equally important—the multitalented Mauldin Economics team that made it all happen. The logistics and technology to pull off an event like this don’t grow on trees. Many have been on the team for 10+ years and it shows in the execution.

I admit I am biased but I would put our conference up against any other, anywhere. Most conferences have a few headliners mixed with sponsors who pay to be on the stage. My main criteria for 20 years now has been to create an event I would want to attend and not miss a session. No one gets to pay to be on my (now virtual) stage.

In the next few letters, I’m going to give you a small sample of what we learned. I’ll highlight speakers and topics I think have broad interest. But really, the only way to get the wisdom you want is to have been there. Fortunately, you can still “be there.” Our Virtual Pass gives you full video, transcripts, slides, and even downloadable audio you can put on your own device. Click here to check it out.