Waiting for stocks to go on sale

In a stock market driven by highly valued companies, Capital Group portfolio manager Alan Berro prefers to seek out stocks that go on sale. How does he identify them? Research and patience.


32 years of investing in a complicated jigsaw puzzle

As he prepares for retirement, Capital Group portfolio manager Jonathan Knowles reflects on 32 years in the investment business. The global equity markets and the macroeconomic environment are a “massively complicated jigsaw puzzle” that continues to humble and perplex him, even as he plans the next chapter of his life.


World view: What’s next for inflation and interest rates?

At a pivotal time for monetary policy around the world, Capital Group fixed income portfolio manager Tom Reithinger offers his outlook for inflation and the impact it’s having on global interest rates.


You can’t have 100 best friends

Capital Group portfolio manager Michael Cohen shares his thoughts about investing based on three decades of experience in the global equity markets. When it comes to his stock portfolios, there is one thing he’s learned: You can’t have 100 best friends.


Navigating 23 downturns in 35 years of investing

Capital Group portfolio manager Steve Watson discusses how he learned early in his career to get comfortable with market downturns, the circumstances that launched him on a professional life in Asia and Europe, and the importance of avoiding emotional overreactions to stock markets.


Are video games recession-proof?

Video games may be fun to play, but are they also recession proof? Will avid gamers continue to play no matter how bad the economy gets? We explore that question with equity analyst Nathan Meyer, who covers the fast-growing video games industry for Capital Group.


Literary love: 6 book ideas from Capital’s investment team

Looking for some good reading material? We’ve got you covered. Here are six compelling titles taken straight from the shelves of Capital Group investment professionals — along with some literary thoughts from our political economist and published author Matt Miller.


Emerging markets re-emerging

Emerging market investment opportunities are broadening beyond China to include India, Vietnam and Mexico. Veteran portfolio manager Brad Freer explains how nearshoring and the “China Plus One” strategy could benefit investors.


Lessons over 50 years of fixed income investing, part 2

As Capital Group celebrates 50 years of managing fixed income portfolios, longtime bond investors share some memorable experiences and lessons learned. The second of a two-part series features retired portfolio manager Mark Brett, who served as principal investment officer for Intermediate Bond Fund of America®, and current portfolio manager David Daigle, principal investment officer for American High-Income Trust®.


Practice management: A Navy SEAL’s secrets of success under conditions of uncertainty

The new paradigm RIA firms now operate under has caused drastic dislocations operationally, as well as in client engagement.

A former Navy SEAL provides an overview of the team’s approach to decision-making in uncertain conditions. He’ll provide actionable steps so that RIAs can apply it to their business — to help them overcome the lack of command and control, increase firm efficiency and strengthen client outreach as resources are dispersed.

In this webinar, participants will learn how to:

  • Apply the Navy SEAL approach to decision-making to cultivate a high-performing, adaptable team
  • Create a mission statement that clearly defines the goal, roles and responsibilities, rules of engagement, and measures of success to guide the team
  • Develop a system to align the team, pivot to changing conditions and learn from mistakes
  • Foster a culture of empowerment, giving the team the authority to make decisions with the limited information they have