A World of Opportunity in Global Markets

here is a world of opportunity in global markets that can help investors achieve a well-diversified portfolio. More than 40% of the world’s equity market and 60% of the world’s investment grade bond market are outside the US.1 While returns for any individual country are unpredictable, capturing returns from countries across the globe can help improve expected returns and provide the potential benefits of diversification.2

Dimensional Fund Advisors is a global asset manager with $618bn in AUM3 and more than 35 years of experience investing in global markets. In this session, we’ll hear from Dimensional investment and thought leadership experts Wes Crill, Senior Investment Director and VP, and Althea Trevor, Senior Investment Director and VP, as we discuss the potential benefits of global investing and explore case studies of how flexibility can add value to international and emerging markets portfolios.


Insights from the Industry’s Largest ‘Active’ ETF Issuer: An In-Studio Special with Dimensional Co-CEO and CIO Gerard O’Reilly

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