Understanding How Investing in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund Can Provide Capital Gains Tax Relief

The “Investing in Opportunity Act” included in the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, passed in December 2017, introduced an innovative way to stimulate private investment in low-income communities. The program rewards investors with significant tax savings for their commitment of long-term investment capital. Join us for an in-depth educational presentation about Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds (QOZFs).

White Paper

Holding Credit Through The Cycle

Bain Capital Credit examines the historical performance of US equities, leveraged loans, and high-yield bonds in periods of high, low, and moderate GDP growth from January 1997 to September 2019. The authors use this data to make the case for why investors are better off holding credit assets through the cycle instead of attempting to time the markets.


New Research on Communicating Financial Planning Content in a Short-Attention-Span World

Today, most clients are overwhelmed by the barrage of messages vying for their attention. This webinar will highlight research on what leads to effective persuasion in a sound-bite world, particularly when it comes to complex topics like financial planning, investing and economics:

  • effective persuasion in today's economic environment
  • how to motivate clients to make better investment decisions
  • why an agenda can make financial planning meetings more effective
  • using storytelling to keep clients on track and avoid unnecessary risks in choppy markets
  • getting client emails opened and read to effectively communicate essential financial planning information
  • tapping into the power of visuals for investment, economic and financial planning decisions
  • less is more... the P&G one-page memo rule at work in a fast-paced market