How to Think About Carbon Allowances in Your Portfolio

Carbon credits present a compelling investment case and could help support responsible investing and incentivize pollution reduction. They are also a unique investment, making them an incredible diversification tool with low correlation to other assets.

Join the experts at KraneShares for a webcast covering all things carbon credits and discover how this fascinating investment tool can be implemented in your portfolio.


Unlocking the Power of Luxury: Demographic Trends, Brand Strength, and Diversification

Even amid unusual markets and volatile times, all around the world luxury brands thrive. With resilient pricing power even amid economic downturns, luxury brands continue grow their market share around the world. The global luxury market is projected to reach $570-615 billion by 2030, which is more than double its size in 2020.

Join the experts at KraneShares and VettaFi for a webcast unpacking a unique strategy that centers on luxury companies operating across industries, including leather goods, jewelry, accessories, skincare, cosmetics, beverages, travel, and supercar businesses.


Right-Sizing China Exposure In Emerging Markets

Join the experts at Kraneshares and VettaFi for a webcast digging into how advisors can more strategically deploy allocations to China and benefit from broad emerging markets exposure.


Clean Tech Investing Opportunities from China: the World Leader in Renewable Energy

Join the experts at VettaFi and KraneShares for an exploration of China’s cleantech and how it could be positioned for tremendous growth in the coming years.


How to Maximize Dividend Yield Without Sacrificing Growth & Diversification

Join the experts at KraneShares and VettaFi for a webcast covering how harness higher dividend yields without foregoing the growth and diversification afforded by the S&P 500 Index.