LiveCast: A wake-up call to passive investors: Is diversification diluting returns?

Many investors see diversification as the starting point for a sound investment strategy. But it could result in potentially diluted returns. Taking advantage of the strengths inherent in high-conviction, quality investing could potentially be more durable over the long term.

Investor behavioral tendencies, however, can complicate the process and create inefficiency. A systematic framework can mitigate that, especially if it focuses on quality first and then growth.

Join the experts at Macquarie Asset Management for a product spotlight on the Macquarie Focused Large Growth ETF (LRGG) and explore a concentrated,1 active approach to quality investing.


Actionable ideas for a world in transition

As we look ahead to 2024, the macroeconomic backdrop remains volatile and challenging. Inflation is still above central bank targets, developed world GDP growth is slowing, recession risks are high, and geopolitical risk is on the rise. Volatility creates opportunity for investors, however.

Join Macquarie Asset Management’s investment experts for an interactive discussion, answering some of the biggest questions on investors’ minds as we kick off the new year.


Navigating the muni market: How to stay ahead of the curve

Join the Delaware Funds by Macquarie® Municipal Fixed Income team for an interactive discussion that will help answer some of the biggest questions on municipal bond investors’ minds.


Credit in Focus: Finding Value in High Yield and Bank Loans

Register today to join the Delaware Funds by Macquarie® Fixed Income team, as they discuss credit market valuations, the current market environment, their outlook for the remainder of 2022, and how to find value, specifically in high yield securities including bank loans. The discussion will include an analysis of credit fundamentals and technicals, how the US Federal Reserve is impacting credit markets, and how to look for attractive valuations.


Navigating Volatility With Conviction: Fixed Income Perspectives

Join the Delaware Funds by Macquarie® Fixed Income team as they discuss the current state of global fixed income markets and how to navigate risks during periods of volatility. This session will include a macro discussion on how recent events have shifted financial markets, the Federal Reserve Policy, how to navigate the current interest rate and inflation environment, and the team’s outlook for the remainder of 2022, with a review on what has happened thus far.


The Way Forward: 2019 Global Investment Outlook

As forces ranging from rising rates to trade disputes have raised the stakes for global markets and investors, our investing leaders step back for big-picture views of what these may portend for equity, fixed income, and real assets and other alternative markets.


The Way Forward: 2018 Global Investment Outlook

Our boutique managers are known for independent thinking and, at times, contrarian views. Below is a by the numbers taste of what's come up in Outlook commentaries — recurring themes that can cascade to investors everywhere.