The First ETF Powered by a Daily Call Options Strategy

Investors using covered call strategies, which buy stocks and sell call options, face a critical trade-off: Selling call options in exchange for premiums provides an attractive source of income but caps appreciation potential.

Tune in to hear about a covered call strategy based on daily call options. This strategy seeks to improve this trade-off, allowing the fund to seek high income, target S&P 500 returns over the long term, and potentially capture returns traditional covered call strategies may sacrifice.


Equal Weight Is Not Enough—The Case for Dividend Growth

While a surge in bond yields has interrupted the equity rally from the first half of 2023, the performance gap between the largest companies by market capitalization and the rest of the market remains wide. Valuation has become a focal point for investors. Earnings are expected to grow again at a rate above historical average despite three consecutive quarters of declines. Investors may want to consider quality at a discount with the equal-weighted S&P 500® Dividend Aristocrats.®


Worried About Recent Bank Failures? Find Out What’s Next

Join VettaFi’s Head of Research Todd Rosenbluth and ProShares’ Head of Investment Strategy Simeon Hyman in a conversation about the headwinds facing the banking sector and how to manage the risks in your clients’ portfolios.   


Dividend Growth for Times of Turbulence—and the Rebound

It’s been a year of outperformance for dividend growth strategies – which likely comes as no surprise to investors who consider dividend growth to be a defensive strategy. Indeed, the S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats have outperformed the broader S&P 500 in the challenging first three quarters of 2022. But those S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats have also outperformed in the quarter-to-date rally.


Rates Are Rising – A Plan for Your Stock and Bond Portfolio

Interest rates have risen substantially. With Quantitative Tightening in high gear, rates could rise even further. While market volatility has led to some investors moving to the sidelines, the sidelines may not always be the best choice. Join our webcast with ProShares investment strategists. We will discuss what’s next for inflation and rising interest rates, and review strategies to help you prepare your stocks and bonds.


Recession Odds on the Rise and What’s Already Priced In

Oil prices have retreated, and measures of inflation expectations have declined. That’s the good news. The bad news? A key indicator of moderating inflation is a growing expectation that global economic conditions will weaken, and the odds seem to show the chance of a recession on the rise.


Infrastructure: Portfolio Foundation in Times of High Inflation and Low Yield

Join us for a timely, in-depth look at current market conditions and an infrastructure investing strategy to potentially find yield and income.


Dividend Growth Strategies for Rising Rates and Changing Markets

In our latest webcast, ProShares investment strategists will discuss how to reinforce your core equity portfolio with dividend growth, particularly in periods of rising interest rates and market turbulence.


A Stock and Bond Playbook for Rising Rates

Join our exclusive webcast for actionable insights to help you get your portfolio ready for rising rates. ProShares investment strategists will discuss how interest rate hedged bond strategies work and where to find equity investment opportunities.

Topics will include:

  • Credit rate risk vs. interest rate risk
  • Different types of corporate bond investing strategies
  • How to prepare a bond portfolio for rising interest rates
  • What you should know about stocks in a rising rate environment
  • Equity strategies to go on the offensive

Themes to Watch in 2022

Inflation, a tightening Fed, and geopolitical tensions have placed the stock market on edge in the early days of 2022. Targeted buying of investment themes with strong growth potential may help


If Rates Are Rising, Your Dividends Need to Be Growing

The specter of rising interest rates and growing inflationary concerns has some investors seeing the potential for headwinds in the markets. But unlike bonds, stocks often rise in value in these conditions. Now may be the time to reexamine your portfolio and your strategies for rising rates.


China, COVID-19, And Black Friday: The Latest on the E-Commerce Opportunity

What is the outlook for e-commerce as we enter the holiday shopping season? Are regulations from China and the continuation of COVID-19 roadblocks to growth or creating attractive opportunities?

Join ProShares and Advisor Perspectives for a timely and important webcast discussing these topics.


All Eyes on the Fed Meetings: Interest Rate Risk and Bond Portfolio Strategies

What’s driving an uptick in rates? What strategies can help investors hedge against rising rates? We invite you to join our timely webcast, All Eyes on the FOMC Meetings: Interest Rate Risk and Bond Portfolio Strategies. The discussion will explore the Fed’s recent signals, provide an overview of the current market environment and historical comparison, and examine the forces putting upward pressure on rates.


A New Era for Infrastructure: Building a Bigger, More Sustainable Future

There is a growing focus on infrastructure driven by global demographic trends and technological advancements. Infrastructure is also a critical part of the clean energy transformation. Much of the world’s communication, transportation, energy and water systems may soon undergo major enhancements.

Here in the United States, Congress is paying heed to the largest investment in infrastructure in nearly a century. While the final details and timing of the bill’s passage are unclear, infrastructure could be poised for significant levels of growth for decades to come.

Taken together, these powerful forces will ignite major investments in infrastructure to enable a more resilient and sustainable global economy.


Amazon is Big, E-Commerce is Bigger: The (Still!) Early Opportunity of Online Retail

E-commerce has been gaining traction for years. As an investment opportunity, there is substantial growth potential ahead. However, not all online retailers are created equal.

Join ProShares on June 29 to explore:

  • How COVID-19 impacted e-commerce and what’s on the horizon
  • Traditional vs. online retailers: The importance of business models
  • Amazon Prime Day—what this year’s results may indicate
  • A strategic approach to pinpointing online retailers beyond Amazon