Minisode - Are You Using the Right Custodian?

With so much change in the RIA custody space and more options than ever to choose from, this is a good time to rethink the core pieces of your business. It is time to be proactive and weigh your options in light of the changes across the custodial industry. Doing nothing and staying put at your current custody provider might be the best strategy. But we are here to learn how to perform due diligence on different options.


Personal to the Core: Making Passive Investing Personal

What if balancing the tradeoffs between index investing and building portfolios tailored to personal priorities such as ESG or tax-efficiency didn’t have to be mutually exclusive?

In this webinar, Independent Advisor Solutions by SEI’s Director of Investment Products & Services J. Womack and Director of Distribution and Engagement Erich Holland will discuss how mass personalization is pivotal for advisor growth in an increasingly digital and personal world.

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Coach Through Biases — Yours and Your Clients’

Download Coach Through Biases - Yours and Your Clients' to learn how to reframe your client experience through ongoing engagement and conversations about risk — the risk of not meeting goals that is.

That's because when your clients think about risk, chances are they aren’t referring to technical terms like standard deviation. Coaching them throughout your relationship can help combat emotional decision-making and maximize the likelihood of achieving success.


Implementing a GBWM Framework with the SEI American Funds® Strategies

A true goals-based wealth management (GBWM) approach can help you control for behavioral biases — both yours and your clients’ — and deliver desired financial outcomes for your clients. Coaching clients throughout your relationship can help combat emotional decision-making and maximize the likelihood of achieving success. Join SEI and Capital Group® for this session which will:

  • Teach attendees about goals based wealth management
  • Show attendees how to implement a GBWM approach by breaking down the implementation process into its core components
  • Walk attendees through: identifying clients’ objectives, choosing alternate allocation approaches, the benefits of multiple investment styles and implementation vehicles, and personalization to help you help your clients meet their investment goals
  • Introduce the SEI American Funds® Strategies

John, J., and Chris will be available to answer your questions following the presentation.

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Fees at a Crossroads: Adopting an advisory fee model that reflects your true value.

Our industry is at a crossroads, and you may feel like your business is in the crosshairs. Can you justify an ongoing AUM fee when automated solutions are driving costs down, or should you take a new look at your value proposition? Maybe it’s time to determine whether a different kind of pricing makes more sense for you and your clients—a model that pays you for the true value you provide: your advice. Download this important report to learn more.