How to Make Client Events a Prospecting Machine

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Now that COVID is endemic, you will be tempted to offer client events. When my coaching clients regale me of past events, the results are typically that it was fun or the clients had a good time. I ask how many appointments they booked or how much business they closed.

Most say none.

It never occurs to advisors that these events should be marketing machines. To build your business with 25 referrals per month and increased sales, read on.

My client, Bob Messina, had to find a new venue for his prospect dinner meetings. Business slowed because he couldn’t find the right venue. His favorite restaurant, the Five Crowns, was being remodeled and Bob tried several others with no success. He told me, “If we don’t turn this around, you will get fired as my coach.”

One month later, Bob had 25 appointments without spending a dime on marketing. Here is the secret.

We broke Bob’s clients into three segments: A, B, and C. He had 50 As, 100 Bs who could by definition become As, and about 200 Cs. We booked a five-star restaurant and invited the "A's." The budget can get extended to a nice venue when you don’t have to pay marketing costs. The topic was “How to Make Your Money Last as Long as You Do.” He sent out personal invitations to each "A" client with a note that they could invite friends who could benefit.