How to Approach the Shifting Rate Environment

Join the thought leaders at WisdomTree to learn all about strategies catered to meet this market moment.


Inflation: The Last Mile Could Be the Hardest

I have never come anywhere close to running a marathon of any sort. I am told the last mile could be the most difficult part of the endeavor.


Is It Time to Back Away from Big Tech?

The economy, inflation, interest rates and market valuations drive the key questions facing advisors. Does the tech stock landscape mirror the boom of 1996 or the bust of 2000? What will be the impact of Meta's inaugural dividend payment? Is now the time to increase allocations to international Markets? What are the challenges faced by retail banks by not providing competitive rates and the resulting opportunity cost of holding cash? Finally, we will address the complexities advisors face in investment management, client growth, and retention.

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2024 Economic & Market Outlook

As 2023 draws to a close, what will 2024 have in store for investors? It appears this Fed rate hike cycle is over and now we pivot to potential rate cuts. But not until inflation has sufficiently cooled. As we've seen before, a lot can happen in the meantime.

Our 2024 Economic & Market Outlook covers:

  • Is the recession of 2023 coming in 2024?
  • What the “new rate regime” means for portfolios and strategic asset allocations
  • Trends and opportunities in Fixed Income and Equities
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The Global Edge: What Will “Higher for Longer” Actually Mean?

As major central banks in developed economies gear up for the next phase of monetary policy, the key question on the minds of global investors is what lies ahead. A consensus among central bankers suggests that rates will continue to stay in restrictive territory, with no cuts on the horizon in the near term. Given this backdrop, the central question for the coming year is deciphering the implications of "higher for longer." This shift in monetary policy will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences for investment strategies, requiring careful assessment and adaptation as the financial landscape evolves.


Mid-Year Outlook for Stocks, Bonds and the Economy

Join VettaFi and WisdomTree's thought leaders for a discussion on those and other critical issues, and help advisors respond to client questions and concerns about their wealth.


Finding Opportunities in a Challenging Fed Environment

Join the thought leaders at WisdomTree and VettaFi for a robust discussion about the challenges and opportunities available in the fixed income space.


What’s Yield Got to Do, Got to Do with It?

Today’s inflationary market landscape is fraught with risks for investors. Despite these circumstances, Scott Welch and Kevin Flanagan outline how bond investors can generate yield.


U.S. Mid-Caps Remain Attractive After July’s Rally

July offered investors a slight reprieve from the market volatility that has characterized the first half of 2022.


Be Greedy when Others Are Fearful

Let’s talk about something few people have any interest in talking about this year.


Opportunities in Asset-Backed Fixed Income

On the latest episode of the Behind the Markets podcast, we had a fascinating conversation with Don Kohn, former Federal Reserve vice chair, and Dave Goodson, Head of Securitized Fixed Income and Senior Portfolio Manager at Voya Investment Management.


Yen Weakness May Support Japan Equities

Can a weakening yen (JPY) continue to bolster Japanese equity markets?


The Nearly Unlimited Demand for Better Energy Storage

At this point, where do we honestly see ourselves on the journey to more and better energy storage solutions?


Looking for Recession Clues in All the Wrong Places?


A Realistic Framing of the Progress in Artificial Intelligence

Let’s face it—we love exciting announcements. Why talk about the small technical improvements of a given artificial intelligence (AI) system when you can prognosticate about the coming advent of artificial general intelligence (AGI)? However, focusing too much on AGI risks missing many incremental improvements in the space along the way.