It’s Not 2000. But There Are Similarities.

More than a few individuals were active in the markets in 1999-2000, but many participants today were not. I remember looking at charts and writing about the craziness in markets as the fears of “Y2K” and the boom of “internet” filled media headlines. It was quite the dichotomy. On one hand, it was feared that the turn of the century would “break the computer age,” as computers could not handle the date change to 2000. However, at the same moment, the internet would turbocharge the world with massive productivity increases.

Back then, the S&P 500, particularly the Nasdaq, rallied harder each day than the last. Market breadth looked pretty weak, as the big names were soaring, forcing indexers and ETFs to buy them to keep their weightings. The reinforcing positive feedback cycle fueled markets higher day after day.

I remember those days clearly. It was the “gold rush” of the 21st century for investors.

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Interestingly, much like then, we are witnessing investors chase anything related to “artificial Intelligence.” Just as the internet had companies adding a “” address to their corporate name in 1999, today, we are seeing an increasing number of companies announce an “AI” strategy in their corporate outlooks.

“Execs can’t stop talking about AI. The number of companies that have mentioned AI on earnings calls has rocketed since the launch of ChatGPT. The number of times AI has been mentioned on earnings calls has seen a similar rise.” – Accenture Technology Vision 2024 Report