Municipal Bonds: Is it Safe to Get Back in the Water?

Investors are still recovering from the municipal market beatdown of 2022, but the current higher absolute yield levels provide an attractive “re-entry” point for municipal market investors.


How To Position Your Income Portfolio For 2023 with Covered Calls

The current market environment is attractive for a covered call strategy.


It’s the End of the World As We Know It…

Has the global investment environment which we have grown accustomed to over the past few decades fundamentally changed?


Beyond The Traditional 60/40 Portfolio

In a market environment of low bond yields and record high equity valuations, it’s time to look beyond simple asset-class diversification. A covered call strategy could provide clients with potential for growth, income and downside protection.


Infrastructure and Uncertainty – What’s Ahead for the Muni-Markets

Congressional wrangling over the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Build Back Better Act has imposed a level of uncertainty on the municipal market as well – for both issuers and investors. It would be most prudent to move forward with IIJA on its own and follow up with Build Back Better separately. After all, they say “a bird in the hand ….”


Navigating the Growing ESG Muni Bond Market

How can financial advisors best help their clients navigate the ESG municipal bond world? The number one thing to do is to carefully LISTEN to their clients.

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Insights on Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing in the United States continues to accelerate at a rapid pace. Here, we dive into the sustainable investing landscape and how the Shelton Green Alpha Fund (NEXTX) fits in a client portfolio with Portfolio Manager, Garvin Jabusch. NEXTX was the top U.S. Equity ESG Fund for 2020 according to Morningstar.


Rising Interest Rates Can Wreak Havoc on Fixed Income Portfolios

At some point, interest rates will move higher. Advisors must understand the inherent risks, and proactively evaluate alternatives for their fixed income portfolios to manage through successfully.


Four Myths About Investing Outside U.S. Markets

With U.S. shares reaching lofty valuations and fundamentals firming up in many other countries, financial advisors would be wise to consider increasing a client’s non-U.S. holdings. So why do many advisors hesitate making this allocation?