Road of Retirement: The Process of Managing Retirement Income

As clients age and their financial lives evolve, most reach a point where they stop accumulating investment assets and begin taking distributions from their investment and retirement portfolios. This presentation introduces financial advisors to a comprehensive approach to creating longevity-oriented investment portfolios and managing retirement income.


Non-U.S. Equities: Separating Fact From Sentiment

Non-U.S. equities have underperformed their domestic counterparts for over a decade. Unsurprisingly, this has led investors to overweight the U.S. in their portfolios. At Thornburg, we believe opportunities still exist if you’re willing to separate fact from sentiment.


Restoring Retirement: Security in Uncertain Times

When a client experiences an unexpected life event like job loss, it can be hard to focus on important financial conversations. With talk of “The Great Resignation” upon us, clients experiencing a job transition may be more prevalent than you think.

This program identifies some of the critical decisions facing clients after a loss of a job or during a life transition. Restoring Retirement reminds you of the critical role you play in managing your clients’ financial plan as well as providing moral support.

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Has MMT Infected Central Bankers?

Have major central bankers and fiscal authorities effectively pursued Modern Monetary Theory in practice, if not in name, as debt monetization has lost its stigma?

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Why International Equities?

U.S. equities have had a great run for more than a decade. Investors may now be over-exposed to domestic stocks, particularly given the size of overseas equity markets and the number of idiosyncratic businesses within them.

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Keeping Portfolio Balance in Election-Driven Market Volatility

Electoral surprises spur stock and bond market turbulence, but sensibly diversified and balanced portfolios don’t depend on political outcomes.


Why ESG should matter to you and your clients

Please join Di Zhou, portfolio manager on the #1-rated Thornburg Better World International Fund*, and Jake Walko, director of ESG investing & global investment stewardship, for a conversation about what’s important for advisors and their clients to know about today’s ESG landscape. Three takeaways you’ll learn:

  • The current state of ESG across asset classes
  • Why bottom-up stock selection matters even more in ESG portfolios
  • Common misconceptions shared by advisors and investors and how to overcome them
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Backing Strong Businesses Amidst a Changing EM Landscape

Emerging markets have come of age, but to capture opportunities while avoiding risks, a disciplined, fundamental, balanced approach matters.

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Monetary Policy Setting Stage for Stock Market Growth-to-Value Rotation?

Federal Reserve and other major central bank stimulus should benefit high-quality value stocks and foster inflation’s “green shoots” as the global economy emerges from recession.

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Is the Federal Reserve Taking the Measure of Japan’s Yield Curve Control?

After seven years of massive amounts of QE and nearly four of yield curve control, the BoJ has yet to sustainably keep inflation at its 2% target or revive GDP growth meaningfully.

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The Fed’s “Not Thinking” Singular Focus

Supporting the beaten-down labor market is the Federal Reserve’s “major focus,” not inflation nor risk asset prices. Doing “whatever we can and for as long as it takes.”

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Digitization Drives Transformation of Key Sectors in Indian Economy

Digitization in banking and retail comes in the wake of a massive cellular network rollout, creating attractive investment opportunities in India.

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The Salutary Effects of Coronavirus-Stricken Energy Prices

While energy investment retrenches in the wake of COVID-19’s historic impact on oil and gas markets, consumers will benefit as economies reopen. Selective and patient investors should too.


Keeping Clients Invested Using Behavioral Finance - 3 Simple Steps

In this CE webinar, Jan Holman, Thornburg Investment Management’s Director of Advisor Education, will:

  • Review two market theories that you likely follow that don’t factor in investor behavior
  • Reveal biases common to all investors that lead many of them to sell at the worst times
  • Offer three simple steps you can take in your practice to control the destructive biases of your clients
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For Portfolio Resistance to COVID-19, Ingredients Matter

Portfolios comprised of top-notch equities and bonds coming into the economic and market crises should do even better coming out of it.